Process Control

How do I ensure consistent results?

Nowadays, high quality requirements are a central factor for many sealed, encapsulated and bonded components. With numerous process control options, we ensure that these requirements are met during production and thus ensure the maximum process reliability. Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors that are integrated into our systems, simple and reliable monitoring of the entire process is possible.

Type of ControlProcedureFrequency


The potting quality can often already be assessed by an optical inspectionDepending on the sensitivity of the components
DensityVerification of the filler content of the A-component Before using a new container
Mixing ratioVerification by weighing the individual componentsBefore start of production and after breaks
Dispensing quantityUse of a shore meter (shore-hardness is a measure for material hardness)
Measurement of penetration depth with a spring-loaded hardened steel pin
At the beginning of the shift and periodically throughout the shift
Shore hardnessBy periodic dispensing into a cup on a scale Once a day
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