How to bring the material into the right position?

In order to achieve a dosing result that meets the customer's requirements, the type of material application is of decisive importance. Different quantities, complex axis movements or varying geometries must be adapted to the highest quality standards for the most diverse materials. In accordance with the customer's wishes, the optimum application unit is personalised and the system is adapted to the dispensing task in terms of process technology.

Potting / Filling

Potting or filling is a process in which low-viscosity material is poured into a mould, for example a housing. The process is used wherever sensitive electronic components such as PCBs or power modules need to be protected from chemical, corrosive or mechanical influences. Due to complex component geometries and special requirements, filling as well as processing and feeding often take place under vacuum.

Bead application

For sealing or heat dissipation, highly viscous materials are applied to a component in the form of a bead. This application is usually carried out automatically along a predetermined dispensing contour. The process serves to protect sensitive components or electronics from dust, moisture, aggressive media or temperature-related influences.

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