Dispensing Under Vacuum

The dispensing procedure under vacuum is always used when required by the component geometry due to undercuts, angled or very small gaps. This method is also recommended when dispensing is essential for the absolute function of a component – for example, sensors to be used in autonomous vehicles. Our proven system solution sweeps away any prejudices against this technology, such as too expensive, too complicated or too slow. Despite the necessary chamber evacuation cycle, the high-performance vacuum pumps and options such as multi-nozzle dispensing mean that cycle times are short.

Learn more about dispensing under vacuum in our whitepaper.Vacuum dispensing

Overview of standard requirements

Our system solution

Our proven high-tech system solution comprises the LiquiPrep LP804 material preparation and feed system, a Dos P-X multi-nozzle dispenser and the VDS P vacuum chamber. The material preparation/feed system and the dispenser are specially designed for the preparation and processing of liquid dispensing media under vacuum. The dispensing material previously prepared under vacuum is conveyed from the material preparation and feed system via material feed lines to the dispenser. The dispenser dispenses the material into the component inside the vacuum chamber.

Application examples for dispensing under vacuum

Electronic circuits

High voltage insulators