Dispensing Under Atmospheric Conditions

Atmospheric-pressure dispensing is always used where permitted by the geometry of the component. Complex geometries, undercuts and very small potting voids place limits on this technology for bubble-free dispensing results. Our integrated system solution offers the best material properties through homogenization, degassing and temperature control. This is the basis for optimal flowability of the dispensing materials, leading to shorter processing times and process-safe dispensing.

Overview of standard requirements

Our system solution

Our proven high-tech system solution comprises the LiquiPrep LP804 material preparation and feed system, a Dos P016 dispenser and the DP803 DispensingCell. The material preparation/feed system and the dispenser are specially designed for the preparation and processing of liquid dispensing media. The previously prepared dispensing material is conveyed from the material preparation and feed system via material feed lines to the dispenser. Precision filling of the component in three dimensions is ensured by the dispenser mounted on the CNC axis system of the dispensing cell.

Application examples for atmospheric-pressure dispensing

Sensors, e.g. inclination sensors for industrial robots

Connectors in engine control units