System Solution for Application of Thermally Conductive Materials

Reliable heat management

The rising power densities and high functional safety required for components such as chips, printed circuit boards or power electronics means they require effective heat management. The fluid thermal interface materials (TIM) used here offer numerous advantages compared to solid, stamped pads or films: Individual component contours are not a problem. In general, fluid materials also have a greater thermoconductivity. The preparation and dispensing of these highly filled, abrasive materials are no longer a challenge with our system solutions.

Overview of standard requirements

Our system solution

Our proven system solution for applying thermally conductive materials comprises the A280 material feed system, a DosP DP803 TCA dispenser and the DC803 DispensingCell. The material feed and dispenser are specially designed for processing highly abrasive materials. The extremely viscous thermally conductive material is fed from the material drum via material feed lines to the dispenser. This then applies the material on the component in the form required. Precise material application in three dimensions is ensured by installing the dispenser on the CNC axis system of the dispensing cell.

Application examples for applied thermally conductive materials

Our E-Mobility brochure also includes various application examples.

LED illuminants


5G base station