System Solution for Application of Sealing Beads

Protection against environmental influences

Liquid seals have proven themselves in numerous areas as an alternative to molded seals. This also applies to electronic components that often function under extreme conditions and need to be protected against dust, moisture, corrosive media or temperature-dependent influences. A wide variety of mostly highly viscous sealing materials are available today that can be applied with precision and repeat accuracy on increasingly complex components. Our system solution for liquid seals is precisely tailored to these requirements. Directional changes, acceleration and deceleration during bead application and a uniform transition when closing off the bead are no longer a challenge with our system solution.

Overview of standard requirements

Our system solution

Our proven system solution for applying liquid seals comprises the A220 material feed system, a Dos GP dispenser and the DC803 DispensingCell. The material feed and dispenser are specially designed for processing highly viscous sealing materials. The viscous dispensing material is fed from the material drum via material feed lines to the dispenser. This applies the material continuously along the required contour on the component. Precise material application in three dimensions is ensured by installing the dispenser on the CNC axis system of the dispensing cell.

Application examples for applied sealing beads


Battery case

Kitchen appliances