System Solution for Application of Adhesives

Cutting-edge bonding technology for joining sensitive components

Bonding is increasingly displacing traditional joining techniques such as bolting, welding or riveting in ever more areas. This change is for a good reason: Bonding joins parts without affecting them structurally or damaging them. Many lightweight developments would also not have been possible without bonding. Our system solution overcomes all obstacles with regards to safe bonding processes for spot, line and surface application. Fast and precise adhesive application with component contamination is not a challenge for our system solution.

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Overview of standard requirements

Our system solution

Our proven system solution for adhesive application comprises the LiquiPrep LP804 material preparation and feed system, a Dos P016 dispenser and the DP803 DispensingCell. The material preparation/feed system and the dispenser are specially designed for the preparation and processing of liquid dispensing media. The previously prepared dispensing material is conveyed from the material preparation and feed system via material feed lines to the dispenser. Precision bonding of the component in three dimensions is ensured by the dispenser mounted on the CNC axis system of the dispensing cell.

Application examples for applied adhesives

Automotive Camera Module


Car door handles