Our System Solutions

"Turnkey” dispensing

Our system solutions enable future/process-viable modern dispensing processes for electronic components – whether with regards to application of thermally conductive pastes, potting, filling or conformal coating of components, or even the application of sealant beads and adhesives. They are optimized for the respective types of tasks and can be directly deployed as “turnkey” solutions. Each system solution includes a material preparation system, the dispensing system, and an operation and visualization system. By taking advantage of our more than 30 years of Scheugenpflug expertise, experience, technology and services, you not only benefit from shorter project times, tests and special training for your employees, you also participate in the further development of individual system components. Such developments flow directly into our system solutions and can also be retrofitted in existing solutions.

Our system solutions cover the standard types of tasks in each sector. This is sufficient for the majority of applications. However, if you have special requirements, we will customize a solution for you and, if necessary, integrate it in your production environment.


We have “turnkey” system solutions for these dispensing tasks:

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