Multifunctional Cell DispensingCell DC803

Scale UP your performance!

The casting of changing components, changing capacities or lack of space in production: The requirements for adhesive bonding, sealing and potting processes are becoming increasingly individual. Against this background, the ability to adapt the dispensing system efficiently and economically plays a decisive role. The high-performance DispensingCell DC803 is available for demanding dispensing tasks. The further development of the proven CNCell has been specially tailored to the requirements of industrial series production with short cycle times and high quantities. Its modular design and numerous equipment options allow flexible configuration and rapid adaptation to changed processes and series sizes.

The DispensingCell DC803 is part of our new system solution.

  • Highest performance for series production
  • Flexible configuration in terms of equipment features and degree of automation
  • High usability thanks to intelligent machine control unit
  • Numerous options for quality assurance and process monitoring 
  • Wide range of applications
Quick overview
Matrix++Axis speed++
Bead++Movement Range++
Single-nozzle++Integration capable++
Autom. weighing++Stand-alone++
Needle status measurement++
Important functions
  • Precise contour encapsulation thanks to high-performance axis system
  • Modular design enables demand-oriented system planning
  • Can be additionally equipped with handling systems or joining technology
  • Simple and intuitive operation thanks to the UViS5 operating concept

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