SCP210 和 EViS



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SCP210 and SCP210+
For material preparation and feeding systems as well as simple dispensing systems

  • 10″电容式多点触摸屏提供的高操作性(多手势识别)
  • 强大的处理器
  • 使用USB接口定期更新
  • 直观操作
  • 防刮玻璃面板易于清洁

New control unit for the LiquiPrep LP804

The EViS control unit concept supports simple system operation in times of increasing digitalisation. Thanks to the new design, which is graphically based on the UVIS5, EViS not only offers an improved user experience. In addition to easy adjustment of process parameters, it also allows continuous monitoring of system performance. The collected data can then be evaluated, analysed and used for further process optimisation. 

LiquiPrep LP804

  • Intuitive operation
  • Fast activation of functions
  • Customizable user administration

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