UViS 5 和 UPiC 5

For highly functional dispensing systems and vacuum chambers

The effectiveness of a controller is determined at least as much by its user interface as it is by the hardware. The UViS 5 interface software was developed specifically for the Scheugenpflug ProcessModule, the dispensing cells and vacuum potting systems. The UPiC 5 is a supplementary tool that allows users to create dispensing programs quickly and easily without having to rely on programming specialists.

UViS 5
Powerful software specifically for dispensing applications

The UViS 5 (= Universal Visualization) software is a powerful user interface, tailored to the application and available to all Scheugenpflug cells, vacuum potting systems and the ProcessModule. The visualization of the dispensing and potting systems is thus optimally solved. For all processes and the associated monitoring, maintenance and analysis tasks, the user has a continuous overview of the relevant data on a 15.6" multi-touch display.

  • Customizable, clearly arranged user interface in modern tile look
  • Fast and convenient operation
  • Comprehensive user navigation
  • Good ergonomics thanks to full graphics capability and touch operation
  • Long-term availability of support and updates
  • Predefined standard functions for various dispensing tasks
  • Recipe database
  • Export of production and machine data possible
  • Process documentation
  • USB interface for software updates and data backup
  • Remote control (VPN)
  • Customizable user access rights
Predefined, parameterizable processes
  • Start position Pot-life monitoring
  • Joystick-assisted teaching of movements
  • XYZ needle measuring and automatic track adjustment
  • Weight-based quality monitoring
  • etc.

UPiC 5 programming tool
Programming without specialists

The UPiC 5 (= Universal Programming Interface) supplements and extends the UViS 5 user software. With this tool, users can create dispensing programs without having to rely on specialists. You can choose between creating a DIN-based CNC program or a direct CNC matrix program. Practical features such as a copy-paste function or the quick duplication of a created contour using a raster function ensure simple operation.

  • Fast and efficient creation of dispensing programs
  • Optimum contour quality thanks to convenient control functions
  • Dot, bead and matrix applications as well as CNC programs can be realized
  • Visualize 3D casting contours as graphics
  • Intelligent code completion including error detection
Simple DXF import: UPiC 5 DXF

The extension of the UPiC 5 programming tool allows for a fast and comfortable creation of dispensing or CNC programs based on existing CAD data. Thanks to an integrated CAD/CAM interface, contours can be easily transferred from a component drawing via DXF import. Using suitable tools, these can then be reworked in the UPiC 5.

Create dispensing programs on the office PC: UPiC 5 portable

With this programming module you can conveniently create dispensing programs on the office computer instead of working on the machine PC. The finished dispensing program can then be easily and quickly transferred to the dispensing system via the USB stick. It is also easy to transfer one program to several systems.

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