LiquiPrep LP804 Material Preparation and Feeding Unit

Pump UP your material quality!

There’s no denying it: Electronic components have to work. An optimal dispensing performance as well as an absolutely homogeneous and bubble-free material are the prerequisites for this. The new LiquiPrep LP804 system incorporates the process engineering know-how of 30 years of market activity and allows for reliable preparation and feeding of self-leveling adhesives and potting materials with a viscosity of up to 70,000 mPa∙s. Processes such as homogenization, tempering, circulation and evacuation can be used to specifically influence the processing properties of the medium. The heart of the system is a novel, intelligent diaphragm feed pump. State-of the-art sensors individually determine the degree of filling here. This ensures a continuously high feeding performance. The diaphragm feed pump also offers significantly increased wear resistance and thus a long service life.

The LiquiPrep LP804 is part of our new system solution.

  • Absolutely homogeneous and bubble-free potting material
  • Consistently high feeding performance
  • Long service life thanks to intelligent diaphragm feed pump
  • Convenient maintenance and operation
Quick overview
Atmospheric press.++Continuous++
Highly viscous(+)
Key features
  • Material processing in a vacuum with up to 2 mbar final pressure
  • Agitation and circulation for degassing and simultaneously preventing sedimentation
  • Temperature control of the material tank and all material feeding components
  • Continuous feed via powerful double diaphragm delivery pump
  • EViS operating unit: Simple system operation and fast activation of functions

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